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About Interactive Metronome

How does Interactive Metronome® (IM) Work?

Interactive Metronome® is a PC-based interactive version of the
traditional music metronome. IM trains the brain to plan, sequence
and process information more effectively through repetition of
precise activities. The program typically involves 15 one-hour
sessions over a 3 to 5 week period.

A series of hand and foot exercises are performed while IM's
patented auditory guidance system progressively challenges
individuals to improve their accuracy as they actively attempt to
match the computer generated beat. The difference between the
individual's response and the reference beat is measured in
milliseconds and a score is provided. Trainees are rewarded for
each "personal best" score achieved along their path to their
ultimate performance goals. Trainees may require additional
sessions to reach their goals. A midterm and final testing
demonstrate improvements in millisecond scores. Professional
fees cover the full 15-session program, materials, professional
services, and progress evaluations.

Research has clearly shown that timing plays a vital role in
learning and Interactive Metronome® (IM) is a computer-based
training program used to improve students' timing, concentration
and overall performance in academics, athletics and the
performing arts.

The human capacity for timing and rhythmicity plays a
fundamental role in many human behaviors and performance
such as bodily coordination, sequencing activities, cognitive
functions, and attentional skills that affect a person’s academic or
work product.

Like stoplights in a big city, timing and rhythmicity help to
coordinate and integrate all of the neural traffic bringing
information into the brain via the senses with all of the neural
traffic exiting the brain towards the muscles and speech.

Research has clearly shown that the brain learns through
repetition of precise activities. By keeping the beat, the brain is
able to plan, sequence and process information more effectively.

What is Interactive Metronome® (IM) Training?

Interactive Metronome® is a therapy available to adults and
children over six years old, backed by over a decade of research.
Interactive Metronome® is used to enhance a person's motor
sequencing, timing,attention, and coordination skills. These skills
can also promote learning! They are involved in sensory motor
regulation and the ability to focus and attend. Interactive
Metronome® has been proven to improve coordination, attention,
language processing and reading comprehension with benefits
being long-term. It also decreases aggression and moodiness.
Interactive Metronome® helps improve attention of sufferers of
ADD/ADHD. Improved grades in most subjects have resulted
during several trials. Increased ability to stay on task for longer
periods of time, as well as many parents reporting decreased
aggression/acting out behavior, are just some of the benefits of
Interactive Metronome®.

Interactive Metronome® involves working with a trained
professional and the use of sophisticated computer software,
headphones, and hand and foot triggers.  The program involves
keeping time with a computer-generated ‘metronome’ using
different actions/movements.

Benefits of Interactive Metronome® (IM) Training:

The brain’s capacity for timing and rhythmicity can be improved
through training which then impacts other brain functions such as:

Focus & Attention                                              Ability to “Turn On"
                                                                    Focus When Needed

Control of Aggression & Impulsivity                   Ability to Focus for
Long Periods of Time              

Improved Coordination                                            Increased
Academic Fluency & Performance

Improved Language Processing                            Improved Rhythm
& Timing

Increased Mental Processing Speed                    Sharpened
Concentration & Focus

Enhanced Overall Execution                                 Enhanced
Planning & Sequencing Capacities

Improved Organization of Information                    More Consistent,
Precise, & Efficient Movement

Improved Planning & Sequencing (Coordination, Thinking Skills)

Ability to Focus When Conditions Challenge Attention Span
(fatigue, stress, pressure)

Who can administer an Interactive Metronome® (IM) Training Session?
All sessions are completed with individualized supervision from
certified personnel. Interactive Metronome® (IM) can only be
administered by trained and certified IM professionals.

nteractive Metronome® & Spirituality
One way of looking at spirituality generically, whether the form it
is taking is associated with a particular religion or not, is to see it
as a human attempt to connect with the creative, governing force
in the universe. This connection is expedited to the degree a
person can quiet their mind.

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is one method for helping people
quiet their overactive, racing minds.  By quieting the mind we
become open to receiving the messages that surround us or are
within us. Seen this way, quieting the mind becomes a way to
strengthen and deepen one's spirituality regardless of any
associated religious doctrine. If you have an interest in
strengthening and deepening your spiritual/religious experience
you should consider exploring Interactive Metronome®.