Leading Home Care Solutions realizes the challenge of hiring and
retaining nursing talent. We as a company are dedicated to find qualified
nurses for all  cases based on their needs.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a complex injury with a broad spectrum of
symptoms that can cause a number of impairments or disabilities. We
provide families with respite, personal care services and
/or nursing care.
We coordinate
physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy,
skilled and attendant care to help you recover a normal life.

Leading Home Care Solutions has developed a program to care for
individuals involved in the most serious accidents with potentially long term
complications related to those accidents. As a company, we specialize in
working with Michigan Auto No Fault Insurance to provide for all your
related needs and services.

Leading Home Care Solutions maintains a talented staff of health care
professionals including: registered nurses, licensed practical nurse
s, home health aides, and medical case management. Our company is
committed to
provide the best value, service and quality care.

We focus on recruiting, interviewing and evaluating all candidates in
preparation to staffing a case successfully. Our  focus is on recruiting the
most talented health care professionals for home care services.  

The benefits of in-home nursing care include the decrease of repeated
hospitalizations due to ongoing skilled assessments and identification of
any imminent needs for medical intervention.